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Monthly Nuggets for the month of July - Pillow Talk
  1. When I am lying close to you this is the only place I want to be, in your arms feeling your heart beat and listening to your slow deep breathing.  As we share those words of deep secret love.

  2. Come lay with me and we will discover life...Love.  Love grows on an endless road discovering countless promises.

  3. Intimate conversation allows us to take off our masks moving past the fear of exposing who we really are to one another.

  4. The heavens has it's stars, the desert has it's sand, the sea has it's pearls and we have each others hands.  And in those hands we holds each other's hearts.


Pillow the process of being intimate, developing

Monthly Nuggets for the month of August - True disclosure through Heart exposure
  1. There is one action that lifts the weight and pain in life - that action is to tell the TRUTH.

  2. Truth is the vehicle that drives us towards that fairy tale that can come true.

  3. There is only one happiness in life which is to be set free by the truth through disclosure.

  4. Fear of exposure hinders our fairy tale and dreams of love coming true.


And The Truth will set you free!!!

Monthly Nuggets for the month of September - Let's just talk about it
  1. Words may sting for a moment but silence is what breaks the heart.

  2. Don't give up on me when I get angry at you, that's when I need you the most.

  3. Don't give up on what you want most, for what you want now!

  4. Life is short, there is no time to leave important words unsaid!!!


Practice forgiveness when listening so that you may also be forgiven.  Let the conversation begin.

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