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Sharing - A Love Language

Sharing Time During the Holidays

Be sure that the most important thing you share is your time. Money (gift cards) and presents, though they may seem to alleviate some of the pressures of gift giving, they can be perceived as thoughtless and impersonal. Time is relevant to one of the five love languages and should be considered as a true and special gift. Why? Because your time is equivalent to your life. Your time is valuable and if you give it to someone, the people receiving your time value themselves as being important to you. Give the gift this season that truly shouts “I Care About You”. Give someone special your time.

Next, comes the effort to give someone your talent. Whatever it is you do best, do it for the person you love. Shower that person with whatever talent you have. If you sing, take the time to sing the song that’s in their heart, and sing it often. If you cook, make dinner on a regular basis to show by your actions that you care enough to take on that responsibility often to share to load of maintaining the home. If you’re the one who makes things with your hands, make your partner a one of a kind memento that says “I love you this much”.

Finally, use your treasures to start a “What You’re Worth” account for your partner. Save what you can (start with a dollar a day – something small) and save it for the year to present something to your partner as a gift from your heart. This is a great way to give a unique gift (s) that your partner admires. However, it is not money to be spent on the house (bills, groceries, etc..) but on your partner. Each year as your contribution grows you’ll be able to give items like the pearl or jade necklace you saw her admire years ago, or that silver bracelet or watch he smiled at while you were younger and looking for children’s clothing. Make these gifts and times also express your talent to remember just how special your partner is to you, and by communicating to them that they are priceless to you.

Happy Sharing

Dr. Patrice Reddick

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