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Our goal is to explore new principles that will assist couples who desire to strengthen the covenant base of their relationship and move forward.



Our “Mission” is to strengthen the relationships of couples and families within the community as a whole, by nurturing relationships through the discovery and understanding of committment.

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     Restoration is our Business


    Our couples say this was our last stop and now we're celebrating a true romance story.  We learned that we were not each others enemy but each others teammate.  Oh, how wonderful we are as a real team.


     What a wonderful time we had at the retreat.  Getting to know each other all over again has breathed a new since of purpose into our relationship.



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Communication is the beginning of understanding. It is the foundation of any relationship and the single most important element which causes growth within the relationship.

Communication is the tool used to teach our children, it facilitates our growth in life's choices, it is a universal thread that connects all living creatures. 

Communication is the sending, receiving, and understanding of the message sent. It is necessary to practice active listening while engaged in conversation for the purpose of clarity, making sure that each party to the conversation leaves with a clear understanding, leaving little or no room for misunderstanding.

Communication is the art of conveying the truth about how we feel, what we're thinking, asking questions regarding concerns we have, and checking to see if we're on target regarding any goals we've set for the family unit.  Communication brings clarity and clarity lends itself to success.

The Happy Couple


Your Greatest Self.

Every relationship has the basic need of support.  Without support from those that are closest to you, how do you manage to lead successful lives? True communication exposes who we are to ourselves and give us the opportunity(s) to self-reflect and make necessary corrections with the help of our primary social network, our family, enabling us to become our greatest self through self enlightenment or self discovery.  Challenge yourself to do a weekly self reflection based on encounters of the prior week.



      We have recommitted to the relationship knowing that we will always have issues but understanding that the relationship is more important than the issues.

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In this area we learn to celebrate the small successes of each day and week. Here is where we experience growth, we use this growth as part of the foundation necessary to stand on so that we don't loose ground. This growth becomes our ladder to success where we can clearly see that we are taking back our lives, and living our lives in a state of no regret.


     There's so much to say about the conference.  The atmosphere, the games to break the tension, the sessions, the timely information, the love letter from your heart regarding how you felt when you first met and how you feel now. The symbolism involved in washing each others feet showing complete submission.  We walked away with a "WOW" moment about the newness of our relationship.


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