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Reverend Byrone Reddick


Co-Founder of
Romantic Restoration

My name is Byrone Reddick and I am originally from Ripley, Tennessee.  This was a small town where everyone knew everyone else.  It presented me and my siblings and parents the opportunity to network and be a part of a safe community.  I lived my childhood in a neighborhood where you left the windows open at night and the front door was unlocked most of the time.  We are a large family even now with relatives across the country.  My childhood was magical with the number of relatives I had and spent time with.  My grandmother was one of twenty-seven children and my mother was one of seventeen, and the family tree just grew and grew.  That’s me on a personal level dealing with all the emotions, attitudes, losses, loves and change growing up.  On a more professional level, I am and will always be a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, a Marine, an Army MP, and a licensed Minister.  I am married, the father of some amazing young adults, and a tremendously proud grandfather.  In addition, I believed that protecting people was the right thing to do because of my family values.  Taking a look at my small bio on The Coaches’ page will give you some idea of where those family values have taken me, and now I’m here, still wanting to help those that I can.  My life as a counselor/coach is open to foster trust and confidence in the relationships that can move forward through careful thought provoking questions and challenges.  Remember us at Romantic Restoration LLC, Relationships that Endure.

Dr. Patrice Head-Reddick


Co-Founder of
Romantic Restoration

My name is Patrice Reddick; I had the pleasure of growing up in East St. Louis among family and friends in a neighborhood where neighbors took the responsibility to monitor the coming and going of the young.  It was not considered being nosy but caring because my parents worked all day.  Most would know about the latch key generation.  Growing up in that environment has always demonstrated to me the importance of caring for others; promoting safety, and the desire to have a strong family foundation.  For me relationships are important within any persons’ life, and when you have strong relationships there is hope.

As a Licensed Minister I have faced many of life’s ups and downs.  In spite of all trails, I will always believe that if an individual has a solid foundation, you can overcome the hurdles that man sets and achieve the desires of your heart.  I graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse from Arizona, Registered Nurse from State Community College in Est. Louis, Il., obtained a Bachelor from MBU, Masters from Covenant Theological Seminary, and later obtained a Doctorate from Temple of Deliverance College of Theology with the support of my husband who encouraged me and reminded me that trials and tribulations do not define you, they only promote growth in you.  Our three beautiful children have always been the best fan club any person can ever dream to have.

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