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As a couple who counsels together we believe this brings balance to the scession making it possible for both individuals within the relationship to speak what's on their heart and hear what's on the heart of their partner in a safe environment.  Our "Mission" is to strengthen the relationships of couples and families within the community as a whole, by nuturing excellence in marriage through the discovery and understanding of relationships.


Co-Founder Romantic Restoration

Byrone Reddick, BBS, CEMCM, CMEC

Bachelors of Biblical Studies with a concentration in Counseling (BBS). Certified Executive Mail Center Manager (CEMCM), and a Certified Marriage Enrichment Counselor (CMEC), CO-Founder, Romantic Restoration, Pre-Marital, Marital, and Post Marital Adviser.

I believe that good therapy is all about helping the client to feel better, to make healthy decisions and set healthy boundaries, to move from a place of poor emotional/mental health to good emotional/mental health, to make connections with others, and to replace sadness, anxiety, anger, and frustration with happiness, peace, and hopefulness for the future.


Co-Founder Romantic Restoration

Patrice Head-Reddick, PhD, MA, RN, CMEC

PhD in Theology with a concentration in counseling, Masters of Arts with a concentration in counseling, Registered Nurse with 23 + years of Intensive Care Unit bedside nursing, Certified Marriage Enrichment Counselor (CMEC), CO-Founder, Romantic Restoration, Pre-Marital, Marital, and Post Marital Adviser.


I will strive to provide treatment that has been proven to be effective with a holistic approach; individualized care that fits your specific needs and goals.  I am experienced in various psychotherapy approaches to meet the client's broader needs.  I am committed to providing the utmost quality of care with a sincere interest in helping individuals and families build their strengths and abilities by helping them to live a full, rewarding and value-driven life.  I believe growth occurs when we are presented with an opportunity to explore and engage within a safe environment.  The work is difficult to face but can be accomplished in a collaborative therapeutic relationship.

To read what people are saying about our services please view our FaceBook page under Romantic Restoration.

Happy Senior Couple

The Reddicks' are a couple that counsels in a couple's setting for the purpose of balance, and you can tell that they love what the do.  They are dedicated to helping other couples navigate through the rough, deep crevices, and jagged edges of marriage and relationship.  We are happy that they agreed to counsel us as a couple.  They can show you how to have a marriage without regret.


They are just real people, Real Talk.

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